Trip 5

Trip 5

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In Thailand we went to this place where we can ride elephants, we don’t ride on their backs, they put like a chair for two or three people to sit down.

When we went to take the trip to ride the elephant, the elephant was huge, I didn’t expect it to be this big. To sit on it we can’t just jump on it and were on, no, the man had to put something so when can climb then ride on it, it’s so hard to ride on specially that the elephant wasn’t stable.

Me, my mum and my dad rid on one elephant, and my two brothers rid on another elephant. After we all climbed happily, were going to a nice adventurous scary trip with the huge elephant.

The place we were in was next to mountains with millions of trees with small tight paths. I didn’t even put in mind that up there in the mountains in those tiny paths is where our trip with the elephant is going to be. There’s a man guiding the elephant where to go but that doesn’t mean it’s not scary! Everyone does mistakes, and if that man did a mistake up there in the mountains then were totally gone. To go up to the mountains we had to pass a lake where also boats pass, this was fine but that’s not all. The elephant started to go up to the mountains and started shaking or whatever he was doing.

We went so high that I couldn’t even look down; seriously it was too scary especially that paths were tight. We crossed trees that had millions of bees; imagine you’re self between millions of bees where you cant run away from them, elephants walk slow! Anyway we started screaming, specially me and my mum, then suddenly the elephant went toward the edge of the mountain, guess why? So he can reach the grass and starts eating, how selfish? We’re on the elephant and he’s at the cliff of the mountain. Me and my mum couldn’t take it anymore and couldn’t wait until this stupid scary trip ends. We stayed about 2 hours going up and back down. It was scary at the time but now I look back and laugh.

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