Trip to Sathuragiri

Trip to Sathuragiri

Jonathan swift once said

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”

Though there were so many greater moments in my life which cherished me and moulded my character i would lyk to share with u the "moment" which haunted me for quite a while...Its none other than my experience on the hills of Sathuragiri...

Sathuragiri s situated 70 kms to the south of Madurai. Its a serene place where nature spills its beauty along with the essence of sprituality.Yes its one of the most famous worship places of Lord shiva!! and it also happened to be the place where "Siddhars" (who are considered to have magical powers )stayed upon!! My connection to the story begun as me my uncle and my cousin started off a 'journey on foot' to the hill top!! It was a lazy morning!! i mean lazy for the trees and the plants around the foothills! they hardly moved and some pretended to(move)!! We started our journey earlier by 7 in the morning because we have to cover 7 hills by walk!! The path to hills WAS not a piece of cake as it was full of stones and thorns ready to pierce our foot !! The journey began !! hours passed by and we were midway thru de jungle coverin de hills!! Dat tym de atmosphere around was subtle with the flow of stream on de left and de grizzling of leaves on the right .....After a while the air got colder and i could de presence of rain droplets dancing all over me!! As i love rain i enjoyed de walk with a drizzle and a cold breeze!!! But it was not fun till de end of the day!! De rain started pouring heavily so de breeze!!hmmm i wud rather call it wind(say this hmmm sentence casually as u are thinking and saying on de stage itself)!! The so called wind blew me away with its solid potential!! BY that time we were just about to reach the rocky shades of the temple!! i was totally blown away by wind so that i totally lost my balance !!De worst part is the situation of my uncle and my cusie was even...

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