Trip Tp Cauvery Fishing Camp

Trip Tp Cauvery Fishing Camp

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his brief blog entry will note the steps to set-up (re-install) VMPlayer (VMWare Player) on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04. VMware Player is a freeware virtualization software product from VMware, Inc., a subsidiary of EMC Corporation. Player can run guest virtual machines produced by other VMware products; it cannot itself create new virtual machines. VMware provides free virtual disk images of several pre-configured operating systems and applications, many of them community-contributed. Freeware tools and websites (such as EasyVMX) also exist for creating VMs, mounting, manipulating and converting VMware disks and floppies, permitting users to create, run and maintain virtual machines free of charge (even for commercial use).
Installation and configuration.

Or search for mirrors g intitle:Index-Of VMware-player-2.0.3-80004.i386

sudo aptitude -P install build-essential linux-kernel-headers linux-kernel-devel

tar -xzvf VMware-player-2.0.3-80004.i386.tar.gz
cd vmware-player-distrib/
sudo ./

This tutorial explain how install VMware Player on Ubuntu Gutsy. There are two ways to install VMware Player, but the easiest way produce many errors. I hope that you want install VMware Player with the best procedure. In fact many tutorial on the net suggest you to download RPM package from VMware Website and convert it in a deb package with alien. This way not is a good way because you could have these errors:

When you try to run vmplayer:
/usr/bin/vmplayer: 166: cannot open /etc/vmware/locations: No such file
exec: 180: /lib/ not found

When you try to run
Unable to find the database file (/etc/vmware/locations)

The best way is to download the tar.gz package from VMware website. First of all, you have to see how kernel you are using on your Linux PC.

uname -r

I have 2.6.22-14-generic, so I have to install thet linux...

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