Q. Give one use for a spider in the kitchen.
A. A spider is a long hand tool with a round mesh at one end (spider's web) used for removing foods from hot oil or water.

Q. Which country created chop suey?
A. The U.S.A

More than 30% of consumers have used the Internet to check out a restaurants menu in 2006.

The country whose residents eat at sit down restaurants the least is Russia - Russians eat at restaurants an average of 0.3 meals per month. Residents of Hong Kong eat out at sit down restaurants the most at 8.7 meals per month.

Wendy's restaurants is credited with creating the first modern-day drive-thru window, an innovation which they introduced at the grand-opening of their second store in November, 1970.

McDonald's restaurants first introduced the Big Mac systemwide in 1968. (The Big Mac had been introduced slightly earlier in a few stores in Pittsburgh.) It was followed by the Egg McMuffin (1973) and the Happy Meal (1979). Ronald McDonald had been introduced in 1963, several years prior to the Big Mac.

In 1997, Taco Bell introduced an advertising campaign that featured a talking Chihuahua. The 8-pound, 11-inch-tall chihuahua quickly became the hottest animal pitchster since Spuds McKenzie. In fact, the campaign was so popular that it eventually branched out to include licensing toys, T-shirts and other promotional products.

Colonel Harland Sanders first introduced the world to the taste of his Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1939. Featuring a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, news of the Colonel's tasty chicken spread quickly, and by 1964 he had opened more than 600 Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. Today, security precautions protecting the Colonel's secret recipe would make even James Bond proud. It is locked away in a safe in Louisville, Kentucky, and only a handful of people have ever been allowed to view the recipe.

The Papa John's restaurant franchise was founded in 1984 when "Papa" John Schnatter knocked out...