Truck Mounted Drilling Rig has Five Control Systems

Truck Mounted Drilling Rig has Five Control Systems

In R&D and production of industrial and mining enterprises, the development of water well drilling rig is very important. The birth of large mechanical equipment is accompanied by huge control system’s research and development. The system control of truck mounted drilling rig, from the point of professional production view, it is divided into five control systems.

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the central control system: coordinate all control systems and equipment small mobile crusher, coordinate and accurate work according to the requirements of the process; working system: according to the requirements of the process to work diesel concrete mixer, the implement the work actions transfer red by central control system; power system: it is the power equipment to guarantee a complete set of systems, and ensure the system’s normal operation; drive system: act as convey, transmission, distribution and energy roles for work unit, to ensure system to run smoothly; auxiliary system: make the running state of the primary system’s main auxiliary to the best, and assist other systems’ running commands;

The operation of truck mounted drilling rig work is completed by the control systems, and in daily work, operators need to maintain the smooth running of the system and reduce the minimum failure rate.

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