True Serenity

True Serenity

Waking up onboard a naval vessel underway, far from everything I know and love, and with the same agonizing routine every day; it is like waking up dazed and confused, trapped in a dreary steel maze with nothing but dead ends. No matter how many turns a person makes, the mood is depressing with nowhere to escape. But being out on deck in the wee morning, Mother Nature caresses and comforts me with a majestic sunrise and beautiful waves. She brings peace and serenity to my heart and allows me to see far beyond the ship.

The day begins with BM1’s loud and raspy voice. “Get up, get up!” He yells at the top of his lungs “You have five minutes to get to the Flight deck!” I throw myself out of my rack, having not yet wiped the sleep from my eyes, finding myself dressed for PT with a sulking feeling of another long redundant day to come. I hurry down the ladder wells half asleep, and panicking, hoping not to be late. Stepping out to the break of dawn, all of deck department is gathered in unison to commence our morning routine. With hands above my head stretching to their limits, I begin to fully awaken, yawning into the cool and salty breeze of the sea as it caresses my face.

Within minutes into the workout, I noticed the sun sneaking up from the horizon gradually awakening from its night of rest. As I begin to run at a calm and steady pace, my eyes are caught in the distance admiring Mother Nature at her best. An orange-pinkish silk covers the sky, its bright yellow corona, vast in a clear light blue steadily turning darker as I keep glancing up. The rays shinning in my face are giving me a clear view of the true colors of life rather than the usual gray and white of the ship. Though it was off to a rough start, with every step I take I can feel the comfort of the sun smiling down my way.

My legs begin to tire and become heavy; my calves become tighter and tighter. Sweat runs down my brow, into my eyes. But there is no stopping, I wipe my face with my hand...

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