Trurl's Machine

Trurl's Machine

By: Stanislaw Lem


It happened on a laboratory where Trurl the constructor built his eight-story thinking machine


Trurl- He is the one who built the thinking machine. He is considered to be a round character since he is the protagonist in the story and his character trait didn't change throughout the story. He always correct the idea of the machine that two plus two is equal to seven. He also insults the thinking machine because of this.

Klapaucius- His type of character is considered to be static. He is a friend of Trurl and also a constructor. Until the end, he stays at Trurl's side even though it will be dangerous because of the machine's desire to pulverize Trurl.

The thinking machine- It is a round character. It is the antagonist in the story. He was described as a stupid, sensitive, and stubborn machine by Klapaucius because it keeps on giving wrong answer whenever it is given with mathematical questions. It was asked how much is two plus two. The right is four but it keeps on answering seven.

Mayor and the alderman- They are considered as flat characters. They have only few parts. They are the once who talk to Trurl and Klapaucius about the calamitous situation that happened in their town because of the machine.

Plot Summary

Once upon a time, Trurl the constructor built an eight-story thinking machine. When he was done on making and designing the machine, he tried to ask it if how much is two plus two but it gave wrong answer. It answered seven instead of four. He tried to fix it and ask again the same question, but still, it answered seven.

Because of frustration, Trurl insulted and kicked the machine many times. Because of this, he aggravates the machine to the point at which it picks itself up and chases after the two inventors. The two inventors run to a nearby town, and the chasing machine destroys the houses and causes calamitous situation. The mayor of the town talked to the...

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