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The automotive industry is one of the leading industries in our world today, having had a tremendous effect on the economy as well as the circulation of money around the world. Many designs of today's world's motor vehicles sell for an extraordinary amount of money. In the year 2007 alone, well over 70 million motor vehicles, including cars, commercial vehicles, and other vehicles, were produced worldwide and shipped to different countries daily at a rapid rate. In the same year, a total of 72 million new auto-mobiles were sold worldwide. Approximately 22 million in Europe alone, and 20 million in the United States and Canada combined. In the United States and Japan, sales were stagnant while on the other hand countries in South America and Asia grew more powerful with time. Russia and China were exposed to the greatest amount of growth and success in the automotive industry, having accomplished almost double what other countries were accomplishing in terms of improvement.

Approximately 250 million vehicles can be found in the United States alone, which makes it one of the largest vehicle dependent countries in the world. There are currently about 800 million vehicles, such as cars and trucks, actively being used on the roads. This of course leads to the astonishing fact that these vehicles burn well over 260 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel on a yearly basis, and the number of gallons continues to rise with each passing semester. These numbers are increasing rapidly, especially in overpopulated countries such as China and India.

Last year, the United States experienced a ridiculous incline in gas prices, and this led to industries such as the automotive industry to experience a combination of pricing pressures and facets that ranged from issues such as raw material costs and changes in the common consumer's buying habits. This ultimately led to a greater amount of people to favor public transportation over using their own vehicles, and this...

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