Trying for a Bba? Beware!

Trying for a Bba? Beware!

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FROM (WRITTEN BY) - MAHESH SHARMA - the editor of a soon-to be-launched career magazine.

The glamour of a professional first degree -- unlike the basic BA or BSc -- holds plenty of appeal for the youth of today. Business courses like BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and its cousins BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) and BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) are hot picks. Youngsters are looking for courses that provide employer-ready options and yards ahead in the race for that enviable position in an MNC.
In answer to the skyrocketing demand, most universities and institutes are vying with each other to offer you the course 'tailor-made' to your requirements. Some even offer an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree for free when you do a BBA.

What exactly does the BBA offer? What do you get in return for the fees you pay? And do you end up spending much more than you would on a BA or BSc degree? In other words, you need to study the 'real' vs the commonly perceived market value of the degree you aspire for.

For example, when you study to be an engineer or a chartered accountant, the course enables you to emerge with a clear understanding of the fundamentals and a reasonable grounding on the specialisations of your choice. You are now empowered to and eligible for the profession.

Should you go for higher studies -- an MTech after a BTech or an MS or MD after an MBBS -- you add distinct value by increasing the depth of your knowledge in a well-defined and small area of the subject of your choice. For a common man, you are an engineer or doctor particularly qualified in computer-related engineering or treating ailments of the kidney respectively. This is the selling point of your career.

But in the case of a business degree, the courses differ very little between a bachelor's and master's programme. Both BBA and MBA teach from similar texts and teach very similar concepts. This, of course, does not hold true if you pursue...

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