TUI Case Study

TUI Case Study

Business Ethics of Tour
Operators- The Case
Study of TUI

According to the case study of
University of Novi Sad Faculty of
Sciences in Serbia, the university
seeks to examine under what ethical
standards TUI operates in Serbia in
the cooperation of different
stakeholders. Business ethics are
one important aspect of a company
since these have big impact in their
management as a whole.

However, there are reported problems regarding the laws and
business ethics of TUI in Serbia and these include: (a) the
openings of companies with headquarters in Germany are
being noticed in Serbia and they don't have the licence in
Serbia. These tour operators are so-to-speak out of control
because they operate in their own way, not complying with the
laws governing in Serbia. Like all countries in transition, the
laws do not cover all domains of business in Serbia as well
which creates possibilities for various type of manipulation; (b)
considering the fact that there is no prescribed ethical codex in
Serbia by the responsible national and state authorities and the
associations of travel agencies, many aspects of business
activities have not been defined which leaves room for
different oversights and malversations or corruption. Some
national travel agencies also were deprived of the licence in
previous years; (c) when it comes to hotels in Greece, it is
precisely defined by the contract that the hotel must not seek
additional payment from the clients who are Serbian citizens.
This problem has appeared as a consequence of the monopoly
of national tour operators or agencies which sell their services
at much higher price;

(d) some hoteliers also demand the difference in price if
the guests of the hotel are Serbs. This problem was
expressed when clients reported themselves on the arrival
in the hotel because additional payment was demanded
from them at the reception desk; (e) insufficiently

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