Tupac. Computer Terminology

Tupac. Computer Terminology

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Computer Terminology

CPU (Central Processor Unit) is sometimes referred to as the processor or
microprocessor. The CPU performs logic and arithmetic functions; it also decodes and
performs the instructions of a computer's applications.
For people who use and develop multimedia work, the processor (and more importantly
the processor's speed) is the single most important specification when considering a
computer for a job or purchase. Simply, the faster the CPU - the faster the machine will
run (all other specifications being equal). The speed of the CPU is usually given in
Megahertz (MHz) or Gigahertz (GHz). (One megahertz is one million cycles per

RAM (Random Access Memory) is memory which the computer's processor can use to
load and store the operating system, application programs and data for very fast access.
For people who use and develop multimedia work, the amount and type of RAM is
important. Simply, the more RAM that a computer system has, the greater the efficiency
of the computer system, as the amount of information and applications that can be
stored and accessed by the computer is increased. It is important to know that RAM is
only temporary memory and all the information stored in RAM is lost whenever a computer
is shut down.

ROM (Read Only Memory) is usually ‘built-in’ to the computer's motherboard design.
ROM contains specific sets of instructions, which are used when the computer starts up.
It differs from RAM in that it does NOT lose its information when the computer is powered
down or turned off. The information is not lost at turn-off stage; a battery located on
the motherboard sustains the read-only memory. These batteries last approximately
three to four years.

Video Card
Also called a video adapter, video board, or graphics card, the video card is a circuit
board that, in conjunction with the monitor, gives the computer the functionality to
display visual information. For people who use and develop...

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