Peterson Bonenfant

September 9, 2013

Sociology 410


Chapter1 page 14-
“I was scared of a lot of things” (Dully 14)

Chapter 2 page 31
“So when started spanking me, I started laughing. It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t scary. It was funny.” “She’d have to find another way to keep me in line.” (Dully 31)

Chapter 3 page 38
“Maybe that’s part of the reason I behave badly. I was being treated like a bad boy, so I acted like a bad boy. The rules were unfair so I broke the rules.” (Dully 38)

Chapter 4 page 59
“Like I said before, Lou ran a tight ship. She was tough. She wasn’t quitter. She was probably what you’d call a control freak today. She wanted things her way. She insisted on having things her way.” (Dully 59)

Chapter 5 page 75
“Even though freeman was an educated and cultured man, erudite and charming, the people of Los Altos probably thought his medical procedure was low-rent and tacky. It was for people in loony bins, and there weren’t any loony bin in Los Altos. The local attitude was, “we just don’t do lobotomies here.” (Dully, 75)

Chapter 3 begin with Howard Dully father and Lou buying a new house on Edgewood called the Hawthorne Howard remember the house along with television fueling a lot of night errors. Dulling goes into not only the nightmares that came from the new house but also the good time he had such as playing in the yard having a dog name monster and tricking his dad

Due to moving to Hawthorne Lou began plaing more pressure on dully and the other children to force them to act more “high class “ this led to Dully being more isolated then ever. Holly take some time to tell us about his step brother George and his jalousie over George receiving much better present then Dully we learned that this was due to George abusive biological father who would buy gift for him during important holiday and birthday. Dully began acting out due to him feeling that the rules was set against him he talked about...

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