Tv and Its Effect

Tv and Its Effect

T.V set effect

Nowadays T.V become one of most interesting by the people , we can say that they are addicted to T.V, and T.V has some good effects and bad effects.

As I do agree with most of the people around that T.V has the most bad side effects on the kids, many kids try to watch T.V at night to watch that porn movies and that’s not good for kids in these age even for us the teenager , but on T.V you can watch what ever you like or wish to watch , and violence movies , and some of them try to copy them at home , as will as wrestling in treatment , so they fight a lot with eacunothur try to copy those show .

As will as T.V can change your opinion about some stuff you know it's truth but they poor it to you wrong so you go and think about it for time and then you might believe it, and also T.V can stop you from doing the things you usually do like sports, studying, reading, …. etc, and staying up late waiting for the show you want to watch, so you want be bothered to go to school.

I knew that T.V brings good things , such as , news , information…etc , that's what most of the people said, but for me I don’t agree. I still stuck with my opinion. Ever thought it is kind off right with the news thing, but still it's a small part of it that I believe in myself and in my opinion.

At the end, we conclude that the T.V brings some interesting things but some time it brings some bad effects of what is going on around you , and I think you going to know when to use the T.V whisk sooner or later, and that the adult should watch their kids and don’t let them watch the bad side or thing for the T.V because this will effect in their life.

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