Tv and Kids

Tv and Kids

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Television has its good side, it can be entertaining and educational, and can open up new worlds for kids, giving them a chance to travel the globe, learn about different cultures, and gain exposure to ideas they may never encounter in their own community. However, Children who watchc TV too much can face too many diseases and other social and psychological problems.

There is certainly nothing inherently wrong with TV. The problem is how much television a child watches and what effect it has on his life. Research has shown that as the amount of time spent watching TV goes up, the amount of time devoted not only to homework and study but other important aspects of life such as social development goes down , for example children who spend more than 4 hours aday watching tv ? instead of going outside and running in the sun or playing with their friends tend to isolation, social disconnection and violence, wich can cause serious impacts on their personality and lifestyle and influence children's attitudes toward themselves and others.

Moreover,watching TV excessively can be very harmful for children's health, many studies showed that the more a child spends time on Tv the more his ability of concentration and awareness decreases, wich affects the development of their body and mind.Symptoms such as impulsive behavior, reduced concentration, hyperactivity usually begin to appear when the child reach school age. It will lead to a series of serious consequences on the psychological and mental health such as obesity, cardiovascular system problems and increasing of cholesterol in the blood.
further more looking to the screen for along time can cause short-sight and lack of reading ability which are becoming more and more popular issues nowadays.

in conclusion, parents should control what their children are watching, and also do not allow them to watch TV more than two hours per day, because watching TV for a long time may pose several negative...

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