Tv Character Evaluation

Tv Character Evaluation

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Assignment: TV Character Evaluation
Assignment - TV Character Evaluation
This assignment included the review of chapter 11 of the text “Personality: An Introduction” by Doctors Morris and Maisto. Appendix D from the text was completed comprising a summary of the contributions of Doctors Freud, Jung, and Rogers. Following this, three characters from TV were chosen and their personalities described based on the theories of these three Doctors.

TV Character Evaluation

Part I

Write a summary of 350-700 words identifying the contributions of Freud, Jung, and Rogers.

Dr. Sigmund Freud
Doctor Sigmund Freud made a sharp distinction from his predecessors and peers by turning away from consciousness as a source for motivation and focusing on the unconscious as a source for ones “ideas, thoughts, and feelings.” Freud also coined the term psychoanalysis which describes both his theory and his method. Freud is also the source of the idea that the personality consists of the id, a completely unconscious pleasure seeking, and pain avoiding primitive part of the mind; the ego, a partially conscious, partially preconscious reasoning, but ultimately selfish part of the mind; and the superego, which acts as a “moral watchdog” for the id and the ego by constantly comparing them to an ideal, and then rewarding or punishing them accordingly (Morris&Maisto, 2005, p 419,420).

Doctor Freud’s concept that the personality is largely driven by unconscious or preconscious phenomena was a critical turning point in the history of psychology and was likely his most important contribution. His reputation is well deserved.

Dr. Carl Jung
Drs Morris and Maisto (2005) put forth the concept of the collective unconscious as Carl Jung’s most original concept. This comprises the idea that the human mind is subject to evolutionary forces that produce a common set of concepts or “archetypes” that are consistent and indelibly stamped across the minds of humanity. Examples of these...

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