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Before You Realize it…
By [Your name here]

“Twenty-two years ago, you were just a dream in your Papa’s eye.”
Ellen spoke sagely, leaning back in her seat, lifting her golden glass to the ceiling. Her cheeks were starting to plum and her movements becoming limber. Across from her, Marcus watched with his chin his palm.
“I don’t think my Dad dreamed much.” He said, “Too much, eh eh.” Marcus waggled a cupped hand obscenely in front of him.
“So then, you’re a miracle!” Ellen raised her voice, piercing the silence of the drowsy bar around them. Marcus grit his teeth and looked down to his water. It wobbled as Ellen did, rippling in the glass as she clumsily sauntered around in her seat.
“I don’t understand why you’re not even drinking.” She said, “It’s a birthday, right? Your birthday, no less!” She laughed loudly, “Hell, I’d be all over the boozey-booze if it were my birthday.”
“Yeah.” Marcus, grinned, “Too bad you don’t have that excuse.”
Ellen glared at him, briefly becoming serious. Her lips started to form a word and her tongue darted around to prepare it. She instead took a deep breath in and slapped the table.
“I need to use the bathroom.” She said. Her lips, just delicate and serious scant seconds ago, flapped foolishly as she talked and started to sing. She slid from the booth, casting her broken tones through the air, headed to the bathroom. Marcus watched her stumble off and let out a sigh he had had pent up. He put his cheek to his palm and drew his straw to his teeth. The bar was nearly dead at this time of night. Looking around, Marcus only caught two other people there and one of them was the bartender. The other was a viciously old woman, dressed in beads to her midriff and a wide hat that looked like it fell out of a Humphrey Bogart movie. Marcus silently thanked the two, both the bartender and the woman, for putting up with Ellen’s antics. He...

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