Twiligh of Existence

Twiligh of Existence

I woke up suddenly as if from a dream of the ages. I rubbed my eyes lightly as my vision adjusted to the shimmering glow that surrounded me. I stood up quietly brushing myself of the clinging debris, and I began my walk through the forest. The light that shone through the canopy reminded me of a past forgotten and a life left in bitter retrospect.

Could the path that stood before me be reality at its best? Was the hand of fate guiding me to a conclusion I was yet to truly unravel?

I pondered haplessly as I dropped to my knees and soon curled up like a newborn infant into an insignficant ball and watched as the lush green surrounding me seemed to swirl before my eyes. Then it struck me odd that though the sun shone brightly through the crisp air, and the mist of dew was heavy; there was not a single sound that echoed as I lay quietly against the cool ground.

I sat up only to be surrounded by darkness. The void was unbearable as I looked to and fro only to be thrown haphazardly about in the cold abyss that seemed to overwhelm me. I was more confused than before, and yet everything did not seem out of place. It was as if this emptiness seemed natural, and as I floated in the dark, I found myself contemplating on not the madness of the situation, but on what I was going to have for lunch.

The thought soon passed, and I just sat there edging off into infinity. I pondered on the absurdity of the situation as I shook my head only to find myself gazing into a mirror that reflected a light from inside, and as I watched the reflection, it was only a shadow image of myself. The silhouette moved silently in unison as I reached out towards the glass. As my fingers touched the glass, I felt nothing and watched, as the mirror rippled from where I had touched it and observed as the ripples edged out towards the frame. My shadow silhouette looked distorted as I watched in wonder and awe.
Where was I? Was I dead? The waters surrounding me gave me the oddest sense of...

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