Twilight. Characters

Twilight. Characters

Stephanie Meyers

Isabella Swan “Bella”~ level headed, pale skin, brown hair big city girl moving to a small town to live with her father the chief of police.

Charlie Swan ~ Chief of Police in Forks, Washington and Bella Swan’s dad.

Renee ~ Bella Swan’s mom that lives in Phoenix with her new Husband.

Phil~ Bella’s new step dad. Renee’s husband.

Edward Cullen~ Tall, muscular and pale but beautiful boy and the object of Bella’s affection.

Alice Cullen~ Sister of Edward Cullen and Bella’s Best friend. Tinkerbelle like with a very loud personality and very pale beautiful skin

Jasper Cullen ~ Brother of Edward Cullen. Tall but boyishly fun with pale handsome features.

Rosalie Cullen ~ Sister to Edward Cullen. Model like features with pale beautiful statuette features.

Emmett Cullen ~ Bother to Edward Cullen. Big with muscles like a serious weight lifter, with dark, curly hair.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen ~ Father to Edward, Rosalie, Alice, Emmett and Jasper. Married to Esme. Dr. at the hosital in Forks. He is tall, very young looking with blonde hair and dark eyes.

Esme Cullen ~ Mother to Edward, Rosalie, Alice, Emmett and Jasper. Married to Carlisle for many years. Very beautiful with reddish brown hair, pale skin. Very sweet lady.

Jacob Black ~ Child hood friend that lived on the Indian reservation in La Push. Dark olive skin and brown hair.

Billy Black ~ Father to Jacob Black. He is in poor health and is in a wheelchair. He has olive skin and Dark brown hair.

Laurent, Victoria, & James ~ Evil vampires that the Cullen family fight to save Bella

Twilight Summery by:
Bella moves to a small town in Forks, Washington where it rains all the time. She realizes real fast that there is more going on in this small town than she thought. She meets a young boy, Bella Swan moved from Phoenix to a small town in Forks,...

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