Two Franchises

Two Franchises

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Among the restaurant industry, there are many franchises that are similar but may have their own unique differences to separate them from the competition. During this economical recession, which franchises will continue to prosper? While we try to contemplate that question, it may boil down to who will reduce their menu prices and advertise just enough to gain attention to keep the doors open. In this reading, an examination of the differences and similarities of two of the most well-known, 24-hour franchises will be outlined: the Waffle House and Huddle House. As the two compete for patrons, what aspects will stand out to the consumer to increase business; will menu selection, menu prices, or (what I enjoy) quality be a determining factor in where you will go next time at 1a.m. late at night?

Let’s explore the differences between the two. The Waffle House menu does not have french fries, they serve hash browns. As we look at the Huddle House menu, they serve both french fries and hash browns. The Huddle House also serves pancakes and waffles; the Waffle House only has waffles. The menu at the Huddle House is much bigger than its competitor, containing around five to six pages front and back. The Waffle House’s menu is just one page front and back, and is usually used as a place mat. Now we all know that price is a critical topic in these days, at Huddle House you can get a cheese omelet with hash browns and toast for $2.99 versus the Waffle House at $4.95. The breakfast combination which has three eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns, and biscuits with gravy or waffles, is $4.99 compared to $6.50 at the Waffle House, and that a big difference, when you’re watching your budget. Now we see that the Huddle House has a larger menu and cheaper prices, but lets examine the quality. Quality and quantity detail the service, cleanliness, convenience, and overall experience. You can always locate a Waffle House. Every person in the southeastern...

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