Two Poems: Compare

Two Poems: Compare

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The poem ''Storm On The Island'' by Seamus Heaney describes the storm which happenening on the small island. Sometimes is described as a bad natural killer and sometimes as image of calming naturality. Seamus Heaney starts his poem by writing that the people, which live on this island, are prepared, that they build squat houses with sink walls in rock and roof them with good slate. Later Mr Heaney writes that people have no hay on the island- and there are no trees that are a source of natural shelter. The poet explains what he means by writing 'There are no trees, no natural shelter'.

Later, the poet changed the subject matter. He describes the sea instead of the wind. First Mr Heaney told us that we might think that the sea is company, and then he adding a line which showing for us how wrong we are. He describes that the sea ''exploding comfortably down on the cliffs'. He also describes it to be like a tame cat that turned savage. A cat who doesn't not run away from people but will attack them, without fear.

''Hurricane hits England'' by Grace Nichols is about the hurricane that came to England in the 1980s. The poet compares the big storm to the howling ship, the wild animal who will not run away scared from people. Also Mrs Nichols shows that she fears her families ancestors will come with the storm. Then she talks to old hurricanes, she thinks they are resembling her ancestors. Also, Mrs Nichols, asks the winds, why they visit her at an England coast, and what that means, why are they coming to her in a new place.

The poet describes then how the lights of these hurricanes blind her in herself, and she adds that maybe this hurricane will be short but it still will make darkness during this moment. Then Mrs Nichols asks questions about the falling trees, crusted roots and 'cratered graves'. Later, she is looking at the effect of the hurricane on the enviroment around her.

The poets asks also about her heart, why it is unchained, why is she free....

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