Two Ways of Communication

Two Ways of Communication

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Joe Whitfield
University of Phoenix

Communication is “a transaction between and among people, whereby all parties are continually and simultaneously sending and receiving information (Harris & Sherblom, n.d., p. 1).” People can communicate in a verbal or nonverbal format. Many challenges arise when diverse people form a group and try to communicate. Sometimes a language barrier exists when people from different sides of the globe try to communicate. Men and women, who married 30 years ago, have problems communicating. One’s cultural background will be addressed because different cultures have different ways of communicating. I will address the many challenges that arise when the communication process is taking place.
Verbal and nonverbal are two ways that people communicate. Four parts to verbal communication are: the source, the channel, the message, and the receiver. The source is the one that is sending the message. The channel is the way one sends the message. One uses sight, sound, and touch to communicate through interpersonal communication. The message is what the source is trying to send through the channel. The receiver is the one the source is trying to communicate with (Wilson & Wilson, n.d.).
One can also communicate nonverbally through hand gestures and body language. One that is deaf cannot hear the spoken word. This makes it problematic for one to articulate the spoken word. Because one cannot articulate the spoken language, one learns to use sign language. Sign language is the use of a visual-gestural system of communication. One also uses body language to communicate to another individual. Body language consists of the messages delivered through physical appearance and by movements and gestures (Harris & Sherblom, n.d., chap. 6). Even one that can articulate the spoken word uses body language to communicate. When one successfully communicates with another individual, there is...

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