Two Works of Art

Two Works of Art

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Two Works of Art
Darla Houston
AIU Online

In this essay I will be discussing two works of art. This work of art is ancient art I will be discussing how both works of arts are similar. I will be talking about similar colors that were used to create the paintings. I will also discuss the form of both of this work of arts and the subject matters. I will discuss how both arts fit into the time periods of when they were created. These paintings show hard work of harvesters and how they worked hard to support their families. It shows how their work was done and how it was organized.

Firs Art of Work
My first work of art is the Harvest. This work of art was created and painted by Pieter Bruegel (1525-15690). This creative painting was created and painted in the year of 1565. In this painting it shows pictures of trees and stacks of straws. Women and men are harvesting. Some of the workers are sitting on the ground under the tree while others are standing by stacks of straws. There are hills in the background of this painting. These workers are harvesting in the late summer. Pieter Bruegel (1525-15690). This painting was done on wood with oil. This is a 2-demensional painting. Colors that are included in this painting are brown, tan, gold, green, white, red, blue, gray and black. The balance of this painting shows that the background has a valley with bushes surrounded by it with roses of trees and a house in back of the tall tree. In the front, where the workers are, there are straws shaped like tepees, tied at the top so they can stand them up to dry out. Upon the hill there are more straws. There is a light balance of colors and there is a dark balance of colors in the background of the skies. The skies in the background look overcast....

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