Tyco International

Tyco International

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Tyco International Ltd.

Table of Contents
1. Business Summary 3
2. Competitors 4
3. Management 5
4. Events 5
5. Financial and Key Ratios 7
Income Statement 7
Balance Sheet 8
Cash Flow 9
Key Ratios 10
Margin of Sales 10
Profitability 10
Valuation 11
Industry comparison table 11
6. SEC Filings 11
7. Summary 12

Business Summary

Tyco International Ltd., (NYSE: TYC) is a global, diversified company that provides products and services to customers in over 200 countries around the world. Its products range from residential and commercial security and fire suppression systems to electrical connectors in cars, trucks and airplanes. In addition, Tyco produces firefighter and medical diagnostic equipment, water purification systems, and building construction materials.[1]
In 2006, Tyco generated revenue of $41 billion employing approximately 240,000 people across its four business segments of Electronics, Fire & Security, Healthcare, and Engineered Products & Services.
In 2007, Tyco executed its planned split and divided the corporation into three separate, publicly traded companies. Tyco Healthcare became Covidien (COV), a diversified healthcare company manufacturing and distributing medical devices and supplies such as diagnostic imaging agents and pharmaceuticals. The corporation’s global electronic division, Tyco Electronics (TEL), was formed as an international provider of engineered electronic components, network solutions, and wireless systems. The third company, Tyco International, combines the Fire & Security and Engineered Products divisions into a single global business unit providing residential and commercial security, fire protection, and industrial products and services.[2]
Following the separation, Tyco’s shareholders owned 100% of the equity in all three companies through tax-free stock dividends. Each Tyco International shareholder received one common share of Covidien and...

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