Developmental Action Points Log
(Part One of the Teaching Practice Journal)

Name: Fehmina KhanBackground & Purpose:

To maintain a link between input sessions / workshops and Teaching Practice, you must keep track of personalised action points that you will take forward and integrate into your teaching during the course. Not only will this give you a starting point for lesson ideas, but it will push you to try new teaching ideas based directly on knowledge / teaching gaps you notice for yourself in input / workshop sessions.

How this document is used:

This document is designed to help you organise and log the action points which you take away from input sessions / workshops. This document will also serve as the first section of your Developmental Action Points Log & Teaching Practice Journal.

Take a look at these two examples to get an idea of what is expected.

Example 1:

Here is an example of an Action Point that is below standard:

‘I will start using more games with classes.’

Example 2:

Here is an example of an Action Point that would be helpful:

Session: Games for 7s to 12s.
‘I will try using the ‘Martian Game’ with my Junior classes to make recycling vocabulary more engaging and communicative. For me this is useful because I do not recycle vocabulary very often and when I do it is usually with dry matching activities or gap fills. This game gives students a chance to describe the lexis and listen to each other so it integrates skills with the language review.’

Identify and describe 10-12 (or more if you like) action points from the input / workshop sessions on the course.

The draft deadline for your first action point(s) is Monday 26 January 2015. This will help keep the tutors up-to-date on your thoughts and development and it will help ensure that your action points are satisfactory, focused, and helpful.

Be sure to make a note in your lesson plans later...