Types of Behviours

Types of Behviours

types of behviours
1)Task behaviour
2)Maintenannce behaviour
3)Self directed

Tele Conferences
Saves lot of time.We simply come to the point
We can connect in real time in differnet parts of the world
We no longer have face to fave interactions
We become over dependent on the technologies


1)Formal and informal
formal: only technical stuff,
Inf:relaxed, they test the kind of person we are
Behavioral interviews:
stress interview:it is where we are put lot of stress
Do not get intimidated


1)Tell me about your self.why did you choose this organization

2)Strengths and weaknesses
we should not talk about behaviour while talking about the weaknesses.I cannot say no to anybody.I dont give importance to my personal life
Being frank also can be said.Never lie, they might come to know if they enquire

3)how is college exoerience relate to this work
4) What motivates you most in the job: challenge
5) why hire you?
6)what you know about organization? my skills are of the same interest
7) i get exposure here. i have an entrepreneural bent of mind.Here i get oppurtunity to explore my talents
What job related skills have you developed
8)Dead line pressure
9)Goals inlife
hobis in free time
what do you think about the lokpall bill
how does microsoft fit intoo your vision
what are the things that motivate us: oppurtunity to express myself. environment should be innovative

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