Types of Employement Test

Types of Employement Test

Types of Employment Tests

Many large companies use employment tests to select appropriate employees. These tests help recruiters to find out the talent, maturity and skills of prospective candidates. The interview process uncovers information about the applicant, but employment tests can help to determine whether the employee is the right fit for the job. Applicants may have the required education and experience but still lack the abilities to perform the duties of the job.
* Cognitive aptitude tests :
Also known as an IQ test, this test is to measure general reasoning ability and memory. This type of test can be helpful since the jobs positions become more flexible and candidates have to be quick in their actions.

* Psychomotor abilities tests :
These tests are more related with coordination and strength.

* Job Knowledge test :
Each company designs this kind of test to determine how much the prospective candidate knows about the duties of the job

* Work Sample test :
It represents a performance of tasks specifically related to the job to give the applicants a real opportunity and an insight about the job

* Vocational Interest Tests :
These tests can show the individual’s interest in the solicited job. If a candidate shows a lot of interest for a certain position , he or she will be more likely to be very productive at it.

* Personality tests :
Personality tests are different from cognitive ones. They go beyond specific time measure performance. Companies believe that personality can be a major role in person’s job. They also apply them to categorize employees and put them with a team matching their personalities for a better creativity.

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