Types of Messages

Types of Messages

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Hello Ally,

Hope all is well; I was extremely happy when you have informed me that you were interested in continuing your education. Since you are working I would highly recommend registering online to continue your education, not only is it very flexible with your days of the week, but it you can develop your own schedule at home.

Axia College is the online university I am attending and it is excellent. Let me explain to you how easy it is to register online from your computer. Axia College belongs to Phoenix online which is one of the top universities to attend online, there for Axia College has a very user friendly website. Once you have visited Axia college click on “Contact us” and you can email the administration for information once they receive your email they immediately call you with no charges on your side. Once that is done they send you a link like a registration form only online, you fill it in with the help of your counselor, if you are anytime confused you can always email them and they will call you without having you to wait. The counselors are always friendly and extremely polite they can help you fill out all of the registration forms teach you how to make payments and also help you plan your graduation plan. They also send you websites for you to navigate and learn what Axia College provides.

Ally, I hope you have found this information helpful, and hope that you would consider registering yourself in such a great and helpful college. I don’t think there will be no regrets out of all the help you receive from them.


Hello Mike,

As you know I have been working on establishing three offices of our company in Toronto. As you know, Josh and Sandra are the project coordinators in this project and they are doing a great job and has never been late handing in a task.

On the other hand I would like to tell you that Michael has played a major roll in this project. As a project executive...

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