Types of Testing Equipment

Types of Testing Equipment

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*Testing Equipment*

There are many different kinds of testing equipment in the electrical world and they are all very important. Each tester is used for a specific job. I am going to start with the Digital Multi-meter. The Digital Multi-meter explains itself; it works on different appliances and test many different things. There are two types of multi-meters; they are either digital or analog. One useful function of a multi-meter is the resistance or continuity test function. Another useful test equipment is a Clamp Meter. Clamp Meters range in the 700 series of 600A and 1,000A. Clamp Meters are used for current measurements, troubleshooting industrial motors, or adjusting speed drives. They come to be very useful.

A Receptacle Tester is another handy testing equipment. It is used to verify that an ac wall outlet is properly wired. The tester looks like a small plug-in end of a cord. It has three lights on the end of the tester to help see if it is functioning well. Then theres the Voltmeter is basically used for measuring the electrical potential difference between two points in a circuit. There are also two types of voltmeters, an analog voltmeter and a digital voltmeter. The analog voltmeter has a pointer to show you the number; the digital voltmeter shows you a numeric picture. Voltmeters are made in many styles.

Theres the Galvanometer which is basically an ammeter, this is device is used for detecting and measuring electric current. It is an electromechanical transducer that produces a rotary deflection through a limited arc. The Wattmeter is similar except its use is for measuring the electric power in watts of any kind of circuit. It has two sets of coils that are separated. One is the current coil which is connected in series with the circuit, the other is the potential coil and it’s connected in parallel with the circuit.

There is a Circuit Tester also and it is used to check whether a transistor which has previously been...

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