Types of Tourism

Types of Tourism

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Sustainable tourism

The concept of sustainable tourism is directly associated with the ethic of sustainable development, which deduces sustainable tourism as addressing the needs of present tourists and local communities while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future. It suggests tourism that conserves resources to maintain their long-term viability by meeting the triple bottom line of social responsibility, environmental protection, and economic health. Sustainable tourism aims to ensure that the development of tourism provides a positive experience not only for tourists but also for the operators and local residents themselves, which will facilitate sustainable development in the host country.

Global tourism

Global tourism is the combination of alternative and mass tourism that involves both residents and non-residents travelling within or out of their home country. Patterns of global tourism have become more complex and fast-changing, and this growth will continue to strain physical surroundings due to the improper practice and development associated with mass tourism. Efforts to make global tourism more sustainable must therefore focus mainly on mass tourism.

Mass tourism

Mass tourism forms a large segment of global tourism where a country focuses its attention on tourism sector and is dominated by conventional mass tourism products and activities. It is often the model that government and communities prefer to pursue because of the seeming economic benefits it can bring. Whether mass tourism produces positive or negative impacts depends on certain factors such as governance and management of agreements. While mass tourism caters to community’s interests, some entities such as hoteliers prefer to adopt alternative tourism for self-interest.

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