Types, Purpose and Ownership of Business

Types, Purpose and Ownership of Business

Exploring Business Activity (Unit 1)


I have chosen two organizations, one large company and one small company. In this task I am going to explain and establish the types of business, purpose and ownership.

The two organizations I have chosen to explore are:
• J.Sainsburys PLC (Large)
• Dulwich Hamlet Juniors F.C. (Small)

Name of 1st Business: J.Sainsburys PLC

Strategic Aims and Objectives: Sainsbury's aim to deliver an ever-improving quality shopping experience for their customers with great products at fair prices. They aim to exceed customer expectations for healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food, making their lives easier everyday. They also aim to continue to develop and accelerate the development of non-food ranges following the same principles of quality, value and innovation and to provide a broader shopping experience for customers.

How Aims and Objectives Are Decided
Aims and objectives are decided by the nominated board of directors who take the business’ and customers’ interests in to heart and make decisions that are best for both groups of people.

How Aims and Objectives Link to the Purpose of the Organisations
The aims and objectives are linked to the purpose of the business by sharing their customers’ passion for healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food, Sainsbury’s aim to innovate and provide leadership in delivering quality products at fair prices, sourced with integrity.

Identify and describe the stakeholders (P2)

Sainsbury’s PLC have two types of stakeholders inside and outside the company. These two types of stakeholders are internal and external stakeholders.

The internal stakeholders would be:
The Chairman of Sainsbury’s - who is the head of the board of directors
The Board of directors - who run and manage the company, and its various staff that work in the company.

External: The external stakeholders would be the suppliers, who provide the company with the products that they sell, the...

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