UAE Business Op

UAE Business Op

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January 31, 2014

To: Jane Rosenthal

From: Joe Smith

Subject: Research Proposal for the United Arab Emirates

A short time ago Powered by the Sun introduced the idea to expand into the global market. We are in search of market with limited competition, and unlimited possibilities. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) soared to the top of our list. The advantages include a robust economy, forward thinking/young generation and supply channels. All new business ventures also possess a certain level of risk. This is no different; the challenges include distance, and the volatility of the surrounding region.

The facts contained in this report will point out significant advantages and risk management. Global expansion can be tricky, but should not be difficult. Powered by the Sun will become the single green energy source for one of the most fertile economies in the world.


“For ease of doing business, the UAE is one of the best in the region; the World Bank’s 2014 index ranks it 23rd among 189 countries in this regard.” (Creative Common Attributes, 2013) The UAE is unlike most of the neighboring countries in the region; their aggressive approach to the market place is nearly impossible to overlook. The most recent success came with the announcement of “Dubai winning the rights to host the 2020 World Expo, beating Izmir, Turkey; Sao Paulo, Brazil and Yekaterinburg, Russia.” (Mobius, 2014)

The UAE’s steady economic growth is largely due to how they fashioned their government and trade laws. The UAE is a young country; just forty two years young, and is comprised of young people. The median age is “30 years old.” (C.I.A, 2014) The majorities of the citizens in the business arena adapt to technological advancements, and in most cases capitalize on them. The economy is projected to grow exponentially, establishing an office now will allow our company to grow simultaneously.


All new business ventures have...

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