Ugly Betty vs. Two and a Half Men

Ugly Betty vs. Two and a Half Men

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A “typical” family to most is seen as grandparents, mother, father and children, this is referred to as a ‘nuclear family’. Though, in both shows I am analysing, this is not the case. Based on the creators’ values, both of the shows demonstrate stereotypical families that are problematic though are still functional. One of the shows (Ugly Betty) depicts a woman struggling to obtain a job whilst living with her father, sister and her adolescent nephew. The other (Two and a Half Men) shows a profligate and philandering man who has the sudden misfortune of his timid brother and his quick witted nephew moving in. These two shows have contrasting thoughts on family values and demonstrating struggles of unusual family types.

Respect and love for family is a value that varies in different family relationships. Ugly Betty’s main character, Betty Suarez, believes that her family plays a central role in her life as she demonstrates by aiding her father in reclaiming his health insurance and trying to obtain a job to pay for her family’s rent. Whilst Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men contrasts with her personality. Charlie makes evident his dislike to his mother throughout the series by insulting and ignoring her. He humiliates and teases his brother. While he does enjoy the company of his nephew, he shows minimal affection to his family.

Families often find that they need to face problematic situations whether to do with financial or relationship troubles and to recover requires diligence. Both shows display a variety of these situations though the end results are different . Ugly Betty presents the situations of the death of a mother, where Betty believes she must take care of the family and a harsh work environment though Betty uses optimism to recover from her co-workers remarks. Two and a Half Men base their issues around relationship and presents the situations of Charlie’s brother, Alan, to be divorced; Charlie hating his mother, Evelyn, and the...

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