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. In ‘Long Walk to Forever’, Catharine is also torn by his fiancé Henry Stewart Chasens, and friend and true love Newt. Both stories portray great examples of love triangles in short stories.
‘The Skating Party’ tells of a situation faced by Maida’s Uncle Nathan. He had loved Delia at first sight, before even knowing that she was Dobson’s wife, not daughter. Later on he meets Delia’s sister Eunice Lathem, and eventually becomes a couple with her. Near the end, the night close to their wedding, Nathan started skating with Delia during the skating party. When they came back together, Eunice knew that her own fiancé was

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What one may want is not always what the heart truly desires, until the time that one realizes that he/she has lost it. Following is an analysis taken from the story "The Skating Party" in which the author Merna Summers considers the life-changing journey of one of the chosen characters during the process of self-discovery. The story in relation to self-discovery and its implications is that "self-discovery" is an intricate process that may not always reflect the best of implications. Therefore its effects have several paths, which are based upon how one comes across it.

In the Story Skating Party Maida and her Uncle Nathan realise how important this self-discovery had turned out to be for both of them. Hence, talking about ...