Ujjawal Sharma

Ujjawal Sharma


Sudipta Sarkar, Ph. D. Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering Office: Room # 316A Contact: sarkarsudipta@gmail.com Cell: 8954386690

CE-105, Introduction to Environmental Studies; L: 3; Credits: 3;
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Overview: Environment and Natural Processes; Development (Resource Utilization & Waste Generation); Environmental issues; Concept of Sustainable Development; Issues affecting future development (population, urbanization, health, water scarcity, energy, climate, toxic chemicals, finite resources etc.); Environmental units Air –Water interaction: (Liquid phase-gas phase equilibrium) Henry’s Law Constant with units, Dimensionless Henry’s Law Constant Water –Soil Interaction: Carbonate System (Alkalinity and buffering capacity); Major ions in water; Natural Organic Matter (NOMs); Water quality parameters; Physical processes (Mass Balance): Spatio-temporal variation in quality of river water, lake water, ground water; Water quality standards Water treatment and wastewater treatment . Air resources: Atmosphere; Air pollutants; Emissions and control of air pollutants; Transport of air (global, regional, local); Air stability; Plume shape; Air Pollution: Meteorology and dispersion modeling; Air quality standards Land pollution and solid waste management, Wetlands, Ecosystem: Structure and function; Energy flow in ecosystem; Material flow in ecosystem; Biodiversity and ecosystem health; Bio-amplification and bio-magnification Hazardous Waste: Definition; Classification; Storage and management; Site remediation; Environmental Risk: perception, assessment, and management

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CE-105, Introduction to Environmental Studies; L: 3; Credits: 3;
• Objective: To introduce fundamentals of environmental pollution and its control
S. No. 1 2 3 4. 5. Name of Books / Authors/ Publishers Davis M. L. and Cornwell D. A.,...