Ujjja Case

Ujjja Case

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Ujala – The Supreme Whitner
Shaking the Market Leader

However, the survey also showed that despite this downturn, brands owned by smaller FMCG companies fared better than their bigger counterparts. Names such as Gold Winner, Ghari, Gemini, WaghBakri, AllOut, and Ujala had found a place in the list of top brands that had successfully beaten the downturn. Their success reflected a major shift in the FMCG sector.

A decade back, brands owned by multinationals had ruled the roost, and smaller brands had been content with a niche market. However, from the late-1990s onwards, smaller brands had started to threaten the bigger players in many product categories. Ujala was one of these smaller brands which had successfully overtaken the erstwhile market leader Robin Blue and caught the attention of marketing experts, the media and the public.

About Fabric Whiteners

Fabric whiteners, which are classified as 'laundry aids,' complement the use of detergents by making clothes whiter. Fabric whiteners can be further classified as bleaches and blues. Bleaches whiten and brighten fabrics and help remove stubborn stains by converting the dirt into colorless, soluble particles that can be easily removed by detergents. A variety of different bleaches, with different chemical compositions, are available in the market (Refer Table I).

|Type of bleach | Use | Best as… |
|Chlorine (Liquid or | Removes stains, whitens and brightens; repeated | Disinfectant, whitener |
|Gel) |use weakens fabrics | |
|Hydrogen Peroxide | Removes stains, whitens | Milder solution able to whiten |
| | |fabrics |

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