UK Household Cleaning Equipment Market 2014 - Global Market size, share, trend, strategy and growth

UK Household Cleaning Equipment Market 2014 - Global Market size, share, trend, strategy and growth


The increasing popularity of steam cleaners poses a potential threat to traditional cleaning
equipment, with consumers favouring their ability to rid the house of germs without
resorting to hefty chemicals. Traditional cleaning equipment brands now have an
opportunity to respond to this challenge, either by creating more products that are able to
clean surfaces and remove bacteria with just water, or else by creating extension products
that work alongside steam cleaners for enhanced results.

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Table of Content

Executive Summary
Growth damaged by falling floor care sales
Figure 1: Best- and worst-case forecast of UK sales of household cleaning equipment*,
Market drivers
Completely new products in decline
Sponge scourers the most popular cleaning equipment product
Figure 2: Equipment used for dishwashing and household cleaning, July 2014
Shoppers weigh up cost vs quality for dishwashing equipment
Figure 3: Factors important when choosing dishwashing equipment, July 2014
Opportunity to bolster antimicrobial product ranges
Figure 4: Attitudes towards cleaning equipment, July 2014
Consumers keen to make their floors germ-free as well as dirt-free
Figure 5: Attitudes towards floor cleaning equipment, July 2014
What we think

Issues and Insights
Leveraging the growing popularity of steam cleaners
The facts
The implications
Trend Application
Trend: Who Needs Humans?
Trend: Extend My Brand
Futures Trend: Old Gold
Market Drivers
Key points
Growth in elderly and juvenile populations create growth prospects
Figure 6: Trends in the age structure of the UK population, 2009-19
Number of households expected to grow
Figure 7: UK households, by size, 2009-19
Types of flooring in households
Figure 8: Types of flooring in...

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