program, also it was an founding member of Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council that has replaced North Atlantic Cooperation Council in May of 97.

Beginning on June 1st 1995 through out beginning of 1997 NATO-Ukraine has had High level meetings from President Kuchma and Secretary General to Foreign Minister Udovenko and 16 member states representatives. Ukraine now has a military representative to NATO Partnership Coordination Cell.

On the meeting in Luxemburg NATO Liaison Officer was assigned to Kiev.

Ukraine is active participant in PfP activities both at the NATO and partner nations.

Ukraine has made significant contributions to peacekeeping activities. For Example in Bosnia – Implementation Force, Stabilization Force and International Police Task Force UN Force in Eastern Slovania.

In 1997 Secretary General Solana opened NATO infromation and Documnetation Center in Kiev. And has visited Ukraine with the further visits through to July of 1998

In the 1997 summit President Kuchma and NATO Heads of State signed a «Charter for a Distinctive Partnership Between NATO and Ukraine»

Areas for Consultation and cooperation between Ukraine and NATO are

Civil emergency planning
Disaster Readiness
Civil-Military Relations
Democratic control of Armed Forces
Ukrainian defence reform
Defence planning(Budgeting,Policy,Strategy)
National security concepts
Defence conversion
NATO-Ukraine military cooperation
Military training and exercise
Economic aspects of Security
Science and technology issues
Enviromental security issues
Aerospace reasearch
Civil-military coordination
Air traffic management and control

The North Atlantic Council meets periodicaly with Ukrainian representatives, as a rule not less then twice a year in a forum establishment by the Charter called NATO-Ukraine Commission.

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