Ukraine: a First Hand Expierience

Ukraine: a First Hand Expierience

Another week has past and we are still in the midst of the famine that is striking Ukraine. This man- made famine is furiously sweeping through the Ukrainian region of northern Caucasus and the lower Volga River region. It is currently under research but it seems as though the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin along with his supporter Lazar Kaganovich has initiated the famine.

Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union has brought this famine upon Ukraine to force the farmers into collectivization and to shatter their courage. Sources also state that the famine is being used to sever the renaissance of Ukrainian culture. Moscow is making this out as a threat to Soviet rule. Therefore they desire to kill off any threats that may be arising.

The Soviet government has increased the grain acquirement ration to about 44%. Although the government has claimed that this will help they possess alterior motives have alternate plans for Ukraine. The grain shortage, due to astonishingly elevated quota will result in the inability of the Ukrainian being to feed themselves. The law that has been instated clearly states that no grain could be given to feed the peasants until the quota was met. This is another part of the plan the government has put into effect.

The government recently started using the aid of military troops, OGPU, NKVD secret police units in aid with communist officials to find people who are hiding grain. The military units and NKVD secret police units have also been seen guarding the elevators where the grain is being stored. Now that the government has discovered peasants hiding grain they have established an international passport system. This system is to restrain any Ukrainian from moving in search of food.

Before the grain quota raised the Ukrainians had an independent farming tradition with private ownership of land. The Russians on the other hand, had a village commune. The Russian Mir is where the land is owned by the...

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