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Reflect upon the people and events that shaped Antonio’s life:

• Ultima His parents, His brothers, His uncle School- Kids- Play, Narsico, Killing of Lupito, Tenorio and the 3 daughters Drowning of Florence His sisters, Owl Golden carp The river, The confessions Etc…

Ultima shaped a lot Antonio’s life. She helped him learn many things like how good always overcomes the evil, how herbs help you cure many things such as witchcraft, simple headaches, or sicknesses. Antonio had this love for Ultima that was unexplainable since the beginning of the book. He didn’t even know Ultima and when he first saw her instead of calling her by her respectable name (Grande) he called her by her first name, ever since the they had this unbreakable bond.

His parents shaped his life a lot to. Antonio had to choose whether he wanted to fulfill his mother’s dreams (becoming a priest) or his father’s dream (follow the marez blood and be free). Every step he took seemed as if he was to be a priest, his mom was very proud of him but his father wasn’t he wanted Antonio to be like the marez men free to roam or the llano with no worries.

The killing of Lupito and Narsico had a lot to do with Antonio’s view of life. When he first saw the killing of Lupito he was shattered, he wondered why this has happened, why did they kill him, what did he do, poor Antonio was full of questions. But he sort of knew the answers to them, he knew Lupito killed the sheriff with no reason but still he wondered why they had to kill Lupito. When he witnessed the death of Narciso he wondered why Tenorio had killed Narciso, all Narciso wanted to do was warn Ultima that she was in danger. He wondered why a man that does good dies. He wondered why Tenorio didn’t die; he asked why Narciso had to die instead.

The drowning of Florence shaped the life of Antonio in a way that is unexplainable. This made Antonio wonder why someone so innocent where to loose their life. The fact that he witnessed three...

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