Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Market

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Market

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The ultrasonic cleaning equipment came into market in the year 1950 and it was started being used an economical
home appliance in the year 1970. An ultrasonic cleaning equipment is a device that uses ultrasound in the range of
20 to 400 KHz. It cleans the delicate items using an appropriate solvent for cleaning delicate items. Sometimes the
ultrasound are used along with water for cleaning the items but the use of appropriate soiling and solvent enhances
the effect. Time taken to clean one item is usually in the range of three to six minutes but if the item is very delicate
and needs special care then it might take more than 20 minutes.
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The cleaning solvent is chosen depending upon the contamination on the object to be cleaned. The ultrasonic is
done using cavitation bubbles that are induced with high frequency sound waves. The bubbles agitate the solvent to
apply high pressure on the contaminations. This action is also used to penetrate the cracks, blind holes and recesses
on the object. The ultrasonic transducers use piezoelectric materials such as lead zirconate and barium titanate.
Material such as metals, plastic and others that are hard and non-absorbent are suitable for being cleaned using
ultrasonic cleaning...

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