Um Al-Nar Power & Distillation Plant

Um Al-Nar Power & Distillation Plant

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Um Al-Nar Power & Distillation Plant
Name: Ibraheem Abdulla Ibraheem Almarzouqi
ID Student: H00057083
Section: CEO
Prepared for: Scott Ritche

Many years ago, Um Al-Nar power plant was the main station for providing electricity to Abu Dhabi Island. Nowadays, it becomes an old station, but still works to cover several areas in this city. Our class students went there to have an idea about power plant parts and how does all parts work together.

Umm Al Nar West Power & Desalination Plant (Units 1 to 8)
It is an old steam generation and desalination plant in Umm Al Nar. It started working since 1981 with 1-6 unites. This station involved 60×6 MW extraction condensing type turbines, 6x365 tons/hr natural gas and liquid fuel fired boilers at 60 bar and 480 C and 6x4 MIGPD desalination plant (In Two Phases).
Mr. Shiekh Nural was the guider of our class during this visiting and he begun with this station. In this station, Turbine P60/64,S-6S can produce 60MW with speed 3000 RPM. In case without controlled steam extraction, It can produce 64.5 MW. The pressure is 63.8 and the temperature is 486°C when it works.
turbines number 7 and 8 were built. Both produce 150×2 MW, 2x625 tons/hr natural gas and liquid fuel fired reheat boilers at 126 bar and 510 C and 4x5/6 MIGPD desalination plant. The voltage output from generator is about 15.75 KV. Our teacher asked about how much of steam to heat?.Unfortunately, they don’t have a flow meter, however the temperature inside the boiler is 190 °C and 63 bar pressure.
They used natural gas as fuel to heat the water inside the boiler. It comes from the field direct by pipe line. Just in case, they used crude oil as a pack up fuel.

Umm Al Nar East Power & Desalination, Gas Turbine
On the other hand, we visited the new station beside Umm Al Nar West Power & Desalination Plant. It started working in 2007 with 5 gas turbines and two-auxiliary steam turbines. Each gas turbine can produce...

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