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Summer and Her

At the highest point, she stands

Stuck in contemplative melancholy

Searching for answers

Or clues to its beginnings

The parched limbs of stubble

Cut her bare toes


Their delicate, organic sheath

Mercilessly searching for moisture

She can seldom give herself

Gorgeous eyes shine suicide

When will I be invisible?

Summer, I painted a scene

It brought those words to life in three

Summer, I laid down, above, the glitter adorned night

And silently sparkled, in my own way

Summer shared my frail light

I'll find a way to join to ones who made me

Cover your eyes. Carve her name in the flesh of the earth

Summer, those words were denied by you

It brought relief for the earth and summer and her

Summer washed that canvas clean

And stung her bare skin

Cleansed her naked body

The summer sky came crashing down at the news of her

bleeding dark into the leaves

I picked up the shards and formed them into shapes

She wore that summer like an antique wedding dress

It made her realise that her journey, the short fall down

Was not meant for two

Ode to Conformity

sideways take. a step |[three feet exactly]|
a _beyond_ step to them
(a step to join the rest)
to them
outrageous you are
(but still belong) in your own way

_beyond_ (them) happiness (awaits)
the naivety of them all
to themselves (are they) unknown (?)

springtastic. you are. (despite winter's always)
s.p.r.i.n.g awaits
Beyond The System…

(only three feet) away from the rest you are
(are you really) beyond (?)
(alone you would be

Yes – respond to join yet another

If accuracy was was ever worthy,
or is,
or potentially is,
then what is what?
we stand on rock,
DAMN sure,
of where we are.
is that accurate?
ideas fill our minds,
and a thought in a cranium cell
springs forcefully we call the accurate?
name tensions....