Under Tuscan Sun

Under Tuscan Sun

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Under the Tuscan Sun Response

Under the Tuscan sun is a very symbolic movie that features a divorced woman trying to rebuild her life again. There are many symbols that are represented throughout the film such as sunflowers, beetles and a tap. They each have a special meaning with the concept of journey.

When Frances, a book critic finds out her husband has left her for a younger woman she becomes depressed. This is shown by her clothes as well. They are dull and grey which represents her mood that is not wanting to go on with life. Since she is miserable her friends insist she goes on a trip to Italy because they believe she will never recover if she doesn’t go.

Later on she decides to go and is sent off on a gay tour which passes a field of sunflowers. The sunflowers are linked to Francis because when they arrive a man also says follow the sunflower which symbolises the beginning of Francis’s journey. Since she left the States where she was depressed and miserable the sunflowers can also represent her desire for love and independence.

When she arrives in Tuscany she notices a villa is for sale. Then while she is back on the tour bus Frances realises that they've stopped in front of the villa that she had seen for sale, and she believes it's a sign, so she decides she wants to buy the villa. At first the owner of the house says no to her until a pigeon poos on her which is believed to be a good sign. This allows Francis to purchase the Tuscan villa. From this point her life begins to change in a good way.

Afterwards Frances calls her friend Patti to tell her the news. Patti is shocked and this makes Francis feel stupid. Later on there is a fierce thunderstorm which terrifies Francis. While she is on her bed she sees an owl. However the owl doesn’t fly away, it stays on her bed instead. The owl symbolises comfort. She feels as though she is protecting the owl yet the owl is comforting her because it feels sorry for her and thinks she is the one...

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