Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad
based on the story A Glory Over Everything
By-Huiying Xiao
Signals- ON=On Stage OFF=Off Stage :S:=At the same time W)=Wait for _secs
Narrator-Huiying Xiao

Workers/Slaves-Daniel Nguyen, Jaquelin Tzompanti

Harriet Tubman(Slave)-Suong Kim

Harriet's Sisters(Slave)-Anjoli Ramos, Huiying Xiao

Dr. Thompson-Barry Lu

Helpers of the Underground Railroad-Mykie Preab_____________

Slaves-ON(Pretend to work in fields) (sigh....)

Helper-(Stare at Harriet for 2 sec, then walk up to her) Hi, I live on the farm near Bucktown, if you ever need help, let me know....(walks away)OFF


Dr.Thompson-ON (say on the phone) So...You need some slaves huh.....okay, I will sell you Harriet Tubman's sisters, they'll be just fine.OFF
Harriet Tubman-(stare while Dr.Thompson talks, when he finishes lay down on floor and sleep)
W)3 secs
Harriet-(awakes) (wake up sisters) wake up, wake up...shhh....be quiet...they are going to sell you tomorrow....we are going to escape now!!


Harriet+Sisters-(Pretend to walk on a journey)

Narrator-They begin their journey, taking risks of being caught, and resisting the painful thorns and itchy bushes they are approaching.

Sisters-(stops) I'm not going anymore, I'm going back!!!

Harriet-Come on!!! We already started!!

Sisters-(leaves) Bye!! Not going anymore, look at all these vines, and all the painful obstacles, and we might get caught by those big muscley guards!!!

Harriet+Sisters-(All leave) (then go back to sleep)

Narrator-So they have ended their journey and the sister have gave up, so they came back to slavery.

Harriet-(wakes up) I'm going to go North without them this time, I remember that White person who was willing to help, but I must let someone know first.

Narrator-She sings those words that she will...

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