Undermined by the Failures

Undermined by the Failures

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The aim of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals’ (MDGs) is, by 2015, to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development. It’s been 8 years since MDGs carried into effect. But no country is on the track to hazard doing something. This is really unacceptable and we all know it. But it seems like, the goals will fail unless urgent action is taken now by world leaders to tackle the environmental problems affecting the world’s poorest people. While there have been some successes in poverty reduction, education and water provision; climate change has the potential to wipe out any improvements made to the quality of life of the world’s poorest people.

One of the targets, MDG 7, specifically aims to deliver environmental sustainability. However, a wide range of ecosystems, particularly forests, freshwater resources, fish stocks and climate regulation, are being rapidly depleted and the world’s poorest people will suffer the worst impacts from this.

Related to these facts, in recent years, global warming issue is in the air intensively. And the world leaders brought up the Kyoto Protocol; which is said to be the solution to the global warming and for the wellness of the living things on earth.

The scientists claim that if not intervened in case of need, earth will start ruining itself in 10 years. And on the other hand, as a late attempt;
“Kyoto Protocol”, comes across that it won’t be any cure for the problems. Otherwise, it brought a lot of problems and conflicts. For example, maximal spreaders of the greenhouse gas USA and Australia stayed out of the protocol.

As we take look at the research results of the scientist we can clearly see that the warming is not directly related to carbon dioxide. The problems that we’re dealing today such as the change of the temperature is related to the carbon rooted releases in 1960s. The releases that’s been done today are much more to...

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