Understanding Communication

Understanding Communication

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Understanding communication

Morning, day and night our day is filled with communication. Communication is the center of our personal life as well as our cultural half, because communication is a continuous part of our life we need to understand the process of which we live by.

Communication has 3 models which include The Linear, Interactive, and Transactional Models which all represent The Human Communication Process. These models reflect a decent understanding.

First, we look at The Linear Model which one person interacts with another also called a transmission model. This was a verbal model which included five questions.

The way this model helps understand communication is simple there is a sender and a receiver, which the sender, sends a message to the receiver and then the receiver, becomes the sender. This process is an easy way to explain the operation of communication.

Second, is The Interactive Model this model is a sequential process which one person communicates with another who then replies to the other person.

The Encoder sends the message to the decoder which in turn sends feedback and the encoder becomes the decoder and so forth. This quite the same as the linear model but shows that the sender is the receiver and the receiver is the sender, also it shows that the persons have feedback.

Although The Interactive model was a better version it doesn’t hold the real definition or the dynamic of Human communication. The Interact ional model doesn’t show communication changing over time of what happens between the persons

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