Understanding Films

Understanding Films

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Understanding Films
Brianna Lipton
ENG 225
Dwight P
December 22, 2008

Understanding Films

During the event of analyzing any film there are many steps from start to finish that would have to be taken into consideration. Within this paper it will show the step-by-step analysis of any film, it will include a demonstration how we find and interpret meaning in movies and lastly it will show my personal criteria for evaluating movies.

A true critic must know how to analyze a film by going through some major steps to determine his or her opinion. Finding the theme of a film is the first thing that needs to be determined. Next will be to analyze whether the plot flows easily from one scene to another. So basically looking and analyzing the storyline in a film and making sure there is a flow of sorts that captures you into the film. Dialogue is a very important part of film analysis because if it is not believable they you may loose your entire interest in the film. The point is to consistently keep the audience in tune to the excitement or drama in a film.

Another important part of analyzing a film is to look at the scenery and costumes in a film. The mood of the film is often improved with the use of lighting, special effects, costumes and backgrounds. These elements of the film should work together to bring the audience into the story but shouldn't overwhelm our senses and detract our attention. The occupation of a cinematographer (or director of photography) is to create the right feeling for a film. When you watch a film for analysis, try to take no notice of the actors and dialogue for just a few minutes. Concentrate on the shapes and colors of the scenery, and costumes. They should all be working together to create a specific mood. The use of light and darkness can be very significant, as can other effects such as shadow and fog. In a well-made film the background information should enhance the scene but not overwhelm it.


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