Understanding Globalization

Understanding Globalization

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# Understanding and Introduction to Globalization

According to western economists, lead by USA, Globalization is an ongoing dynamic process entailing integration of nations, natures and technologies to a degree that the world has never witnessed before. Never have so many people heard and known so much about the rest of the world. From Siberia to Antarctica, or from Amazon to Ganges, the same picture, the same voice can be heard on the television screen. We can now share the feeling of an African Bushman; we can know the legacies of women workers around the world. We can buy a Japanese product from Singapore, pay the money by sitting in Bangladesh. A child locked behind a trapdoor in USA can seek help from his 'e' friends all France. This is globalization. Whether we call it a fashion, or trend, or craze, it is like a moving tram, catch it or be left out. Truly speaking what most people understand about Globalization is mainly in terms of interconnectedness of nations and regions in economic domain but, in fact, there is an interlinked process of security, political, cultural and environmental globalization.

With the advancement in science and technology the last two decades have watched a rapid change in the world economic and security orders. These phenomenal changes accrued in the term globalization have been occurring for quite some time. But it is in the recent past that spotlights of attention turned on globalization due to the way economic integration and technological progress have become attached to it. Besides the concept of globalization has reinforced a fundamental change in economic, political and security policies.

United States is dominating the world by militarily and economically. Besides, NAFTA, European Union and G-8 in the west, ASEAN in the east all-together are influencing the regional and global politics and policies for their own interest. At the threshold of new millennium, amidst the burgeoning dynamics...

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