Understanding Perception

Understanding Perception


Perception in my definition is a person’s ultimate view of the world. The movie Crash touches on the ideal of perception in America. It also deals with racist relations that some people don’t realize. Crash forces you to look at what we think we know about these issues and forces you to look at them from a point of view that may not have previously considered. The movie gives me the perspective that life isn’t about different races coming together and trying to live in one world but life is all about perception.

When I was watching the movie Crash, I realize that some of the views that they portrayed, I hear them and sometimes see them every day. Everyday people judge others on how they look and how they speak. People don’t realize how much others judge people and how we build relationships.

Some of the views that were in Crash happen in life around the world. For example at the end of the movie when the police officer was driving the African American and they got into an argument. He then tries to pull out a figurine of a saint to show a young police officer, the officer mistakes the gesture for Peter pulling out a gun and shoots him.

Our perception is usually shaped by culture. If a person gets robbed by an Latino person, they most likely will be scared of that race. Or they will probably think that all Latinos are robbers. If you meet an African American male or female, and they talk in Ebonics or slang, some people might categorize him or her as a thug and a criminal.

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