understanding retailing

understanding retailing

BTEC Subsidiary & Extended Diploma in Business

UNIT 29 Understanding Retailing


Date issued: week beginning 18th April 2016

Date for final submission: end of week beginning 20th May 2016


Currently, over 2.5 million people are employed in retailing in the UK. Retailing is not just about putting products on shelves and hoping that customers will buy them; it is a dynamic industry which is very important to the UK economy. It is the primary point at which most people make contact with the world of business and, consequently, it is such a common part of people’s daily lives that its organisations are taken for granted.

The retail industry has undergone significant change and many retailers are now world leaders in business innovation and service excellence. Retailers are business organisations that sell goods and services to customers for their personal or household use. A fundamental aspect of retailing therefore, is an ability to engage and interact with customers. Customer service and sales activities are critical elements of effective Retailing and their functionality needs to be identified across different retail sectors.
Retailers give the customer the opportunity to make transactions conveniently and, in a more general sense, they also function as a source of information to both manufacturers and consumers.

Sophisticated methods of distribution now exist which facilitate effective management of the supply chain. Retailing, therefore, continues to be a dynamic Industry and this unit enables learners to place effective retailing in the context of change.

Learning Outcomes

Know the structure of the retail industry
Understand the role of retailing in the distribution of goods and services
Understand the sales and service functions in retailing
Know how the retail sector responds to internal and external change.

Submission dates

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